Photo of Berkey & Gay Old Masters Ad

We call them the Old Masters because, broadly speaking, they proclaimed the principles which were to guide their successors in art to the end of time. The galleries and museums of Europe are filled with the pictures they painted and the statues they chiseled out of marble. Michelangelo was the greatest of the old masters. You will see him in bronze when you come to Roycroft. Also you will see, at the base of the pedestal, a symbolic turtle, proclaiming "the lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne."

Michelangelo lived in Italy more than four hundred years ago. He created superb sculptures, and painted marvelously. Also, he was given to writing poetry. Whatever Michelangelo did, he did in a masterly manner. If he had turned his attention to the making of fine furniture, we would now have Michelangelo chairs and tables, and Berkey & Gay would be turning out Michelangelo replicas at moderate prices.

In the field of furniture, we turn to Sheraton, Heppelwhite, the Adams Brothers, and others, whose designs are now reproduced in rare Period pieces of Berkey & Gay manufacture. This Period Furniture made in Grand Rapids is given almost as much skill and attention as was bestowed on the precious, priceless originals that money can not buy today. Only choice woods, well-seasoned, are used in the making of these replicas. The workmen are experts all, thorough, careful, conscientious, painstaking. They take their time and their work shows it.

The designs and styles are those of the Period days in Renaissance Europe. They are reproduced faithfully and with a fine eye for details. Berkey & Gay are showing that Period Furniture does not necessarily imply the expenditure of large sums of money. Buy one piece at a time. If you get but two a year, you will in ten years possess a score of beautiful Period pieces that will last out your lifetime and then be handed down to your children and your children's children for heirlooms. Acquaintance with the store handling Berkey & Gay Furniture in your locality is worth while. It is usually the best store in every city, and the Berkey & Gay agency bespeaks a store prepared to show the best examples of the furniture art. The following firms exemplify Berkey & Gay representation:

Marshall Field & Co.
Paine Furniture Co.
Lammert Furniture Co.
St. Louis
The Sterling & Welch Co.
Daniels & Fisher Stores Co.
Denver, Colo.
Columbus, Ohio

Berkey & Gay Furniture Co.
Factory, Executive Offices and Show Rooms
Grand Rapids,Mich.
192 Monroe Ave.
Eastern Office and Show Rooms
New York
113-119 West 40th Street

Image of Berkey and Gay Label

This inlaid mark of honor identifies to you each Berkey & Gay piece.
Upon request we are glad to mail you, free, a copy of our handsome booklet, "Entertaining Your Guests," which tells of our exclusive gift pieces.

The above advertising content is from a full page ad in the April 1915 issue of "The Fra". Vol. XV No. 1